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New Employee Set Up

If this set up is for a Loan Officer, the following will apply:

1) If the LO does not have an assigned and active NMLS, we cannot complete the set up

2) Requests for Simple Nexus and Marketing Portal require a photo and bio.  Please send an acceptable photo to

3) Most links for first time log in and temporary password resets only last 24 hours or less. Set these up immediately.

4) All information should be presented as it is needed for the business cards or websites!

Employee Full Name - Must Match NMLS*

Email Address*

Start Date

Date NMLS active per HR?

Branch Assigned to*

Branch Address*


Title for New Employee*

Office Phone #*

Cell Phone #*

Marketing Requests:


Credentials Requested:

Employee needs access to whose files:

Who needs access to employee's files?

Distribution Lists Needed

If Pro, who to be added to

If LO Needs Pro, who to include:

Other? Please advise

Form Complete by:

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