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Matrices, Underwriting/AUS Q&A, Updates


Update 2/1/2023 - Credit report cost increase, UW the PQ, preprocessing updates

Update 1/24/2023 - Vendor Additions & Product Updates

Update 1/19/2023 - HMDA, Simple Nexus, New 4506C, FHLB question

Update 1/17/2023 - Discontinuation of VOE email, Mtg Support Roles, HMDA

Update 1/9/2023 - Ops email, UW questions & FHLB training

Updates 12/27/2022 - Setting up Discounts in LE, Adding VOE fees & DataVerify expenses, Title Charges & Perfecting Templates (additional disclosure fees, appraisal cost, credit cost), Redisclosure of Credit, Reminder Emails on "Out of Area Loans", 2023 FHLB Grant Training, Product/Program Updates/Reminders 

Updates 11/22/2022 - Prequal Assistance, Underwriter Contact, Discount on LE, Escrow Repair Update, Marketing Tools, Fee Template Review, USDA & Conv Product/Program Updates

 LOCK DESK Updates - 11/11/2022 - new Fannie/Freddie LLPA grid

Updates 11/14/2022 - Retail Website Changes, Program changes, Discontinuation of SureFire

Updates 10/31/2022 - Extension policy, ATRQM, discount reminder, FHA MI premium factors

Updates 10/18/2022 - App/Interview date reminder, joint borrower reminders, extension costs

Updates 10/11/2022 - Training on discount pts, updated income req and vendor forms, USDA updates

Updates 10/03/2022 - New USDA Forms; Judgement Matrix; LE Fee Reminder; Changing Loan Numbers; Flood Cert Reminder; Product/Program Updates

Updates 9/26/2022 - Mbot tips; Unarchiving PQ's; New Rush Process; Changing Gov loan to Conv loan; Product/Program Updates/Reminders; Mortgage Solutions/Credit Repair

Updates - 9/12/2022 - Prequal UW questions; Application Date, MI reminders; Product/Program Updates; New Closing Request Form

Updates - 8/29/2022 - Changing loan transaction type; Closing date changes; Application dates; Cash to Close button reminder; AUS on submissions; VA termite map

Updates - 8/22/2022 - Application & Interview date reminder; FHA Amendatory Clause; Funding Authorization Update-Contingent Sales; Training; Loan Program Changes-Appraisal Desk

Updates - 8/16/2022 - FHA Anti Flip & FHA Identity of Interest Emails; Training; Clarifying PTF Procedures

Updates 8/8/2022 - New Policy for Out of Area loans; Application dates; Cash to Close button reminder; FHA AUS help on Ineligible findings due to Seller Concessions; Vendor additions; New ICD Policy; Trailing Docs to Fundings email; Documentation updates for PVOE's & USDA caivrs

Updates 8/3/2022 - Compliance Monitoring; Procedures for LO's to upload PQ letters; Underwriting Tid Bits; Marketing Staffing; Surefire & Simple Nexus updates; New Marketing Procedure

Updates 8/1/2022 - Cash to Close on initial disclosures; Tax Transcript receipt policy for Funding/PTF condition; SSN verification policy; Conventional SEB Underwriting/Reverification PTC policy; LO Redisclosure Procedure; Flood Certs; Employee Loans; Rush requests

Updates 7/28/2022 - Purchase Agreements at initial disclosure; Wet sign submissions; Training

Updates 7/24/2022 - Mortgage Support

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