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New Hire Procedures

First Steps:

  • Branch Manager should discuss all new potential hires with their sales manager.
  • Branch Manager must have all new loan officers fill out the new employee application or provide a resume, with credit and drug testing permissions.
  • Branch Manager will email Sarah Aguirre and their assigned Regional Sales Manager application for “testing links” to be sent.
  • After testing results are received, they will be sent directly back to the Regional Sales Manager and Branch Manager.

Second Steps (Assuming the branch manager & sales manager like the candidate and testing results):

  • Branch Manager must fill out the “New Employee Set-Up Form” (Go to the online page for this)
  • Branch Manager must fill out “Employee Pay Change Request Form – fillable” for payroll setup (See New Hire Forms)
  • Branch Manager must fill out “New LO Projection Workbook” - if you need help the first time, contact your Sales Manager
  • Branch Manager will send the above documentation, along with testing results, and Resume to their assigned sales manager for the Sales Manager to provide recommendation to hire in the next step

Third Step

If the branch manager and sales manager both agree that this is a good candidate, the sales manager will email all of the above documentation to Josh Heinrich and Robert Anderson.

Fourth Step

Robert Anderson and Josh Heinrich will discuss the request and review from a financial perspective. If we agree with the sales manager and branch manager, the request will be sent up to the bank senior management for approval. This may take up-to a week for official approval.

Fifth Step:

Josh Heinrich will email the sales manager the signed “Employee Pay Change Request Form” with signatures from Bob Anderson and Audrey if approved. If the applicant is denied, then Josh Heinrich will discuss with the sales manager.

Sixth Step (Assuming the new hire request is approved by bank senior management):

Sales manager will send out an email to HR (the branch manager will be CC) requesting:

  • HR to contact IT for all hardware / software requests to be ordered, and
  • An offer letter be sent, and
  • LO comp plan be sent with an official hiring date established, and
  • NMLS setup or transfer instructions, and
  • Will request an appointment time for HR to meet with the new hire to go over employee navigator, BAI, etc.

Please make sure that your new hire gets both the offer letter & LO comp plan back to HR, and sets up their NMLS as quickly as possible.

Seventh Step

HR will handle the NMLS set up with the employee. Once HR confirms the NMLS is active, the Branch Manager will complete the New Employee Set up form (online version). If this is an employee that does not require an NMLS to start their position, the Branch Manager can complete the New Employee Set Up form as soon as they have the OK from HR to do so.

Branch Manager also must send a "digital picture", and "bio" at this time when advising the new hire is active on the NMLS site.

New Hire Forms

New Employee Application Packet

Employee Change Request Form

New LO Projection Workbook

FSB Expense Report 2021

Computer Care Agreement

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