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FSB Swag Site

Well, not just FSB....we have all our brands on this site!!!!  Now you can get your branded shirts and swag easily.  All of our logos are included.  Just click your logo (choose between embroidered or screen printed) and pick your options for shirts, hoodies and more!  Order anytime you want!  New items will be added each year.

Marketing Policies


How to use the Marketing Portal

How a new user is set up in the Marketing portal

How to Log in to the Marketing portal

How to request flyers

How to request other marketing material

Marketing Portal Instructions Use Manual

Other helpful items

Approved Social Media Posts

Watch for updates to this new section!

Approved Email Campaigns

New material coming soon!

Mortgage Tidbits:

The documents are left in Word format which allows the LO to add their information and picture to the flyer. The flyers are designed for Real Estate Agent Marketing, but may be used to assist consumers, as needed to help educate, too. We do ask that the information contained in the flyer is not adjusted. If you feel the information is not accurate, for some reason, contact Mortgage Support and they will research and determine if a change is warranted. The doc will not open right away, you must save it first and then it will open for you!

Credit Report Mistakes

Credit Myths & Facts

Deal Killer Lists

How Important is Owners Title Insurance

Max Seller Contribution Chart

Mortgage Insurance

Negative Credit - When are you ready?

Second Home or Investment Property

Gifts & Gifts of Equity

Understanding Foreclosure Redemption Periods

Conventional Acceptable & Unacceptable Cash Reserves

FHA Gift Funds - Who Can Gift?

Conventional Appraisal Waiver

APR vs. Interest Rate

Investment Property

FHA Excluded Debts


Borrowers in Forbearance

Conventional-Derogatory Waiting Periods

Do's & Don'ts Before Closing

Escrow Holdback for Repairs

Exemptions from VA Funding Fee

FHA & Interested Party Contributions

FHA Gift Funds Documentation

FHA Inspections

FHA Manual Underwrite

FHA More Than One Loan

FHA Non-Occupying Borrower

FHA Escrow Holdback for Repairs

FHA Shared Well

Home Possible Mortgage Highlights

Manufactured Homes - Conventional

USDA Highlights

USDA Non-Traditional Tradelines

Phone Spoofing

Protecting Your Borrowers from Loan Scams


Second Homes and Rental Income

Using New Income to Qualify

VA Assumptions

Qualifying on Temporary Leave

VA Benefits for Same-Sex Couples - added 2/8/2022

VA Seller Concessions - added 2/8/2022

Verifying Your Credit Report - added 2/8/2022

Veterans Guide to Purchase or Refi during COVID-19 - added 2/8/2022

Who Qualifies for  VA Loan - added 2/8/2022

Who Qualifies for an IRRRL - added 2/8/2022

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