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New Funding Authorization Process

Effective 5/9/22

Questions regarding the updated process can be directed to

The goal of this new process is to save time for the borrower, LO and funding team at closing by streamlining the process when no PTF's are needed at closing.  If All PTF's are cleared prior to the closing package being delivered to the Title Company, then there will not be a funding authorization required.  The PTF's that must be cleared are: PTF UW and PTF Compliance  

Use these resources to understand this process further:

PTF Conditions Defined

Funding Requirements - No PTF's

Funding Requirements - Auth Required

Funding Requirements - Portfolio/Construction

Important Emails

Computer Issues

Help Desk/Support

Lock Desk/Secondary Questions

Compliance Condition Questions

Underwriting Questions

Closing Department


Rush requests

Wet-signed Disclosures & Product Changes

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